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Jumbo Classic Carder

Classic Carders

Jumbo Classic Carder


The Jumbo Classic Carder works in exactly the same way as the standard Classic Carder but produces a batt weighing over 100g. This is achieved by increasing the size of the storage drum (large drum) and having longer pins on the card cloth. The jumbo carder is slightly larger than our standard models - 60cm long and 30cm high. The width is the same as the standard carder - 40cm with the handle in storage position and 45cm with the handle out for use.

Cloth available in 48, 72 and 120 tpi
Solid ash frame
Cards over 100g
Surface speed ratio 17:1 – drum ratio 4.5:1
Adjustable drum
Interchangeable drum system
Long pins (standard pin available by request)
Pale blue or red card cloth
Folding handle
Handle to table clearance – can be used away from the table edge.
Comes with doffer and table clamps
Two year guarantee

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