Artisanal linen fabric - heavyweight

Saber Fazer

Fabric 100% linen (warp and weft) handwoven from handprocessed flax, grown from a portuguese rare regional variety (Linho Galego) in the north of Portugal.

Flax is a very work intensive fiber, from seed to yarn, so this is a very special and rare type fabric that should be used in something equally special.

This is a heavyweight fabric with a width of 80cm and it is available in 20cm or 50cm pieces. If you order 2 pieces of 50cm, you'll receive a 1m uncut fabric.

Width of fabric: 80cm
Material: flax from a regional variety grown and processed through artisanal methods
Composition: warp and weft in handspun linen
Type of spinning: spindle spun
Type of weaving: artisanal in a traditional loom
Place of production: Douro

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