Louet Klik 40 Table Loom


Louet's Klik loom is a classic and a very good loom for both begginer weavers, but especially for those that want to work with a higher number of shaft but are on a budget or don't have much space.
This loom comes with 4 shafts but shaft extension kits can be added up to 16 shafts! This means that a small and affordable loom can actually allow the weaver to develop quite complex work.

Klik is built in solid wood and it comes as a kit, including sick shuttles. It does not include warping posts, which you can check here or here.

Included with the loom are:

  • - 40dent/10cm stainless steel reed
  • - 2 stick shuttles
  • - tie-up and lease sticks
  • - 16 warp sticks
  • - 200 205/12 texsolv heddles

Dimensions: 58cm x 78cm x 21 cm high
Weight: 7Kg