Toika Laila Floor Loom


LAILA is designed for weavers who do not have enough space for a very large loom or who want an additional loom for other experimental projects.
Laila is a small countermarch loom that can be folded even with the warp in place. It comes equipped with either 4 shafts and 4 treadles or 8 shafts and 8 treadles. It has a maximum weaving width of 70cm.
Toika is a family run company with decades of experience in weaving equipment and much more

- 70cm weaving width
- 4 or 8 shafts
- includes texsolv heddles and cords
- includes stainless steel reed (40)

Height: 120cm
Total width: 103cm
Depth (open): 85cm
Weight: 30kg

In case of doubt about the technical caracteristics or delivery time, please contact us.