About Saber Fazer

Saber Fazer is an initiative coordinated by Alice Bernardo, who since 2011 has been dedicated to the investigation, valorisation and dissemination of artisanal and semi-industrial production techniques in Portugal, as well as local resources to they associated. We carry out extensive educational work for various audiences, through training in our space, schools, producing educational material and much more.

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This is our online shop, in which we offer a selection of the best materials and equipment for all makers, whether experienced or novice. Our store allows us to train artisans by providing them with good advice and assistance in the acquisition of specific material.
Our physical space, at Rua da Aliança 112 in Porto, also functions as a store, so it is possible to purchase the equipment also in person.

We specialize in equipment and various materials dedicated to manufacturing, especially in the textile area. The available products have been carefully selected by us and are what we recommend both to those who start in these activities and to those who are already experienced.
We are national representatives of some of the most interesting brands, such as Louet, Kromski, TexSolv, Glimakra or Toika, and we are constantly expanding our range of products.

If there is something you don't find or want any advice regarding more specific material, please feel free to contact us .