Ground Madder Roots (Rubia cordifolia)


Ground madder roots make it easier to extract the dye in the pot. Madder roots are notoriously hard to grind, so this makes the process a lot easier and productive.
Madder (Rubia tinctorum) is a herbaceous perennial plant species from the Rubiaceae family. The root contains a red dye known as alizarin and it was historically used to dye colors in the red and orange spectrum.
This variety is Rubia cordifolia which is usually grown in India and Pakistan.
Madder roots are one of the natural dyes we enjoy using in our natural dye workshops and we are happy to be able to make it available through our online shop.

It is available in 100gr bags.


- Madder roots (Rubia cordifolia)
- Finely ground
- 100gr bags
- Origin: India