Louet S10 Classic Spinning Wheel


Louet S10 Classic Spinning Wheel


Louet S10 is a classic spinning wheel. A workhorse wheel: spinning, plying, fine-weight, it can do it all. A single or double treadle wheel with Irish Tension, this wheel is perfect for the spinning enthusiast who wants to invest in a jack-of-all-trades wheel but isn’t ready to splurge on all the bells and whistles.

Your S10 will last for generations with minimal upkeep required to keep it spinning.  20, 30 and 40-year-old S10’s are commonly used by spinners around the world, every day. Versatility is the key to the modern S10 wheel.

The bobbins all have whirls with three options for three ratio settings, allowing you to customize your yarn.  These ratios are:

  • 1:5.5- For use with heavy yarns and slow spinning
  • 1:7.5- Perfect for medium yarns
  • 1:10.5- used with fine yarns or fast spinning

  • - Classic main wheel
  • - 3 standard bobbins
  • - Lazy Kate Rack
  • - Standard flyer with hooks

- Main wheel: 50 cm

- Orifice: 12 mm
- height from the ground: 70 cm
- Weight: 6 kg

** Saber Fazer is the oficial distributor of all Louet equipmentl in Portugal. If you're looking for any specific equipment, please contact us.

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