Artisanal Handspun Linen yarn - whitened

Saber Fazer

This is a 100% artisanally grown and processed flax. 

This type of flax is of an regional variety traditional in Portugal called "Galego" that is increasingly harder to find, due to the fact that almost no flax is grown in Portugal anymore and to the introduction of commercial varieties.
The flax is grown in a traditional way, which can be considered completely organic, and was processed completely by hand, locally.
The yarn has been slightly whitened through traditional methods, featuring a soft pearl color.
It's a single ply yarn. Each skein has 50gr.

Weight: 50gr skeins
Fiber type: portuguese Galego flax, grown traditionally in organic agriculture
Processing type: completely artisanal, from crop to yarn
Finishing: slightly whitened through traditional methods
Type of spinning: Manual with a traditional portuguese spindle
Place of origin: Penafiel

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