Saber Fazer

Maple Portuguese Spindle

Saber Fazer

Maple Portuguese Spindle


The spindle known as portuguese spindle is a tool that I find to be unique when it comes to spinning manually. In a deceivingly simple shape, it packs a lot of features that are unlocked when one knows how to work with it.

Saber Fazer's spindles are an improved version of
the traditional spindles mainly used in the Minho region, and they were developed together with Tita Costa, as we tried to make a spindle that both of us would love to use, even though we both have different spinning techniques.
Being only 25cm tall, it can be used with or without a distaff. This spindle features a meticulously handcarved tip groove that will allow you, if desired, to use it just as you would a drop spindle. 
The spindles are individually handturned at MISSOM, a leading drumstick small manufacturer in Porto, using maple
We chose maple as the wood for our standard portuguese spindle as it is very reliable when it comes to weight and density, allowing me to handcarved the grooves.

The design features a beautiful pear shape that will give it a good momentum and a smooth finish. No waxes are used.
It's small, portable and undoubtably the most elegant spindle out there. 
It will ship along with a roving of our merino wool from Alentejo, so that you can try out your spindle when you get it!

- 25cm long (10 inches)
-  weighs aprox. 32gr;
- perfectly centered;
- handturned from maple;
handmade in Porto at MISSOM;
- handcarved tip groove;

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