Ovelha Bordaleira yarn

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Salva a Lã Portuguesa

The Ovelha Bordaleira yarn is 100% made from wool from the Bordaleira Serra da Estrela breed, one of the 16 portuguese local sheep breed, and is the product of the "Salva a Lã Portuguesa"project. This project's intent is to invest in local resources, producers and traditional wool industry mills. It's one of the few breed specific yarns that is made through a transparent chain of production, so we're very pleased to be able to offer this unique yarn through Saber Fazer's.

Brand: Salva a Lã Portuguesa
Composition: 100% wool from sheep of the Bordaleira da Serra da Estrela breed
Wool origin/producer: Lisbon, from Mr.Virgílio's flock
Washing, dyeing, fiber prep and spinning: Manteigas
Production type: in a traditional mill from the Serra da Estrela region
Yarn structure:
two ply
Yarn gauge: 4-5mm
Yardage: 150m per 100gr