Mulheres de Bucos Wool yarn

Mulheres de Bucos

This is a rare yarn produced by Ilídia Oliveira, one of the Mulheres de Bucos. The wool comes from a local flock of Bordaleira de Entre-Douro-e-Minho sheep, a local portuguese breed. From the shearing onward, the wool is completely processed by Ilídia, from washing to handspinning, including handcarding in the traditional portuguese style. This is a single ply, bulky and irregular yarn, handspun from both natural white and brown wool. It was handspun in a portuguese spindle similar to the ones we have an use at Saber Fazer.

This yarn was originally designed by Helena Cardoso to be used in the weaving of the long scarves, also of her design, that are produced in collaboration with the Mulheres de Bucos since many years.

Maker: Ilídia Oliveira
Type of production: artisanal
Place of production: Bucos
Design: Helena Cardoso
Composition: 100% wool from Bordaleira de Entre-Douro-e-Minho sheep
Thickness: 5-6mm needles
Structure: single ply
Skein weight: varies

ABOUT ILÍDIA: Ilídia Oliveira lives and works in Bucos, a small village in Cabeceiras de Basto. She has been working with wool since she was little, taught by her mother. She's also part of Mulheres de Bucos, a group of women that comes together weekly to work with wool. She is considered to be the best handspinner.  I have been documenting her work since 2011, which she has shared with me generously. Ilídia has taught me to sping using a distaff and a portuguese spindle, and gave me a matchless foundation for my work as a textile researcher. If you been following Saber Fazer for a while, you already know Ilídia from seeing her illustrated by Maria Helena Silva in our postcards, our website and in our atelier.