Manta wool yarn

Saber Fazer

Manta yarn is spun from the wool of Serra da Estrela sheep, and is traditionally used to weave wool throws, that are then carded or felted.

Being a single ply yarn, with a very rustic feel, it is more suitable for weaving than for knitting, especially if it is to be carded or felted afterwards.
It comes in 6 beautiful shades of earth and blue, including the natural white that, being 100% wool, can easily be hand dyed.
This yarn is very natural and low on processing, not having been subject to chemical treatments.

Composition: 100 % portuguese wool from the Serra da Estrela region;
Local of production: Guarda - Portugal;
Gauge: 4mm knitting needles (European metric);
Structure: single ply yarn;
Yardage: 300m per 100gr;