Artesão Yarn


Artesão is spun from the wool of sheep from the Serra da Estrela region. 

This yarn is a gorgeous 2-ply that immediately makes us think about warm winter sweaters. It has a rustic and resilient character.
It is available in three natural shades: white, a light white/brown mix and a dark light/brown mix.
Being 100% wool, this yarn can easily be hand dyed.
This yarn is very natural and low on processing, not having been subject to chemical treatments.

Composition: 100% portuguese wool from the Serra da Estrela region;
Place of production: Guarda - Portugal;
Colors available: 3 natural colors;
Gauge: 6-7mm knitting needles (European metric);
Structure: 2 ply yarn;
Yardage: 126m per 100gr