We usually ship twice a week. If you are on a deadline, please let us know by leaving a message when you place your order or sending us an email.
Our packages have a tracking code and the shipping cost is automatically calculated according to the weight.


As a way of reducing our eco footprint, our policy is to reuse packing material when shipping our orders, as to make use of perfectly good material that would have to be thrown away otherwise. So, it is quite normal if you receive your order in a non-standard packaging. Usually there is a stamp saying "recycled package".
We hope you can reuse it too!

We also try to reduce the use of plastic in our orders. When absolutely necessary, we like for the plastic and paper to be easily separated, so that it is easily reused or recycled.

We also this that less is more. We keep the production of paper tags to a minimum. Although they are a nice touch, we have to be honest and admit that they are usually discarded in the moment.All the info that you would find in the paper tag is available in our site.
Our orders are shipped with the season postcard and a simple, but heartfelt, thank you note.

Thank you for understanding!