Louet drum carder - 72tpi


Louet drum carder - 72tpi


A drumcarder is a great tool and investment if you're looking to make your fiber carding faster and better.

The Junior handcarder is the smaller Louet model, with a 10cm wide drum. It includes a doffer pin and a brush to clean your drumcarder. They are made of laminated birch and have a hard white coating. The drums of the carder are available in three widths: 10 cm, 20cm and 30cm wide.

In order to ensure a long life, the teeth on all Louët carders
are made of high grade plated steel wire. The gearbox is enclosed to prevent fibers entering the gear system.
The gear ratio that drives the licker-in when you rotate the large drum is 3.8:1. The surface speed ratio 12:1 for the Junior drumcarder.

- laminated birch with a hard white coating;
- available in 72tpi and 46tpi;
- drum 10cm, 20cm or 30cm wide;
- surface speed ratio 12:1
- gear ratio is 3.8:1.
- includes doffer pin and brush

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